UDS day 1 and 4K attendees in Ubuntu Party Paris!

I was able to attend to some very great meetings today. Sorry for delaying photos for tomorrow, but procrastination is a continous process ;)

After the plenary session (and some Wi-Fi connection issue… never rely on it when people that attends your conference are geeks and massively connected to it) to introduce the biggest UDS ever, where Jono, Mark and Scott James gave an introduction talk. I followed some desktop tracks where I will give a little help (Rick, I will hopefully send you a merge request later ;)) and Community ones. Last hour was consecrated to Kubuntu.

Don't forget that you can connect and follow what happens during UDS :

PS: apparently, my title "oooppss, we did it again" was not attractive enough for people to look at planet ubuntu and be aware that we had again more the 4 000 people at our party, in Paris. So, that's the time to get it fixed. Done! ;)

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