Followup UDS session on application lifecycle

I hope that everyone enjoyed the new virtual UDS format as we did. :)

However, don't despair, it's not really *over* yet! The discussion around the application lifecycle[1] was covering a too large spectrum and we didn't get time to properly finish discussing it. As we didn't want to run over other sessions, we decided to reschedule it just after UDS.

The new follow-up session "Application model: lifecycle" will happen this Friday, March 8, 16:00 – 16:25 UTC. It will be a hangout on air and people will follow up questions on #ubuntu-devel, IRC, freenode. We'll try to set up with the community an ubuntu on air session so that links are easier to find (this blog post will be updated with exact information near the event time).

Happy post vUDS session!


[1] You can rewatch the video session here as it was live, thanks to the hangout on air!

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