Ubuntu Make

Ubuntu Make as a classic snap: other distro versions and continuous delivery

This is a suite of blog posts explaining how we snapped Ubuntu Make which is a complex software study case with deep interactions with the system. For more background on this, please refer to our first blog post. For how we got here, have a look at the last blog post. Testing on 14.04 LTS Ok, we now have a working classic snap on 16.04 LTS. However, we saw that a word of caution needs to be taken care of due to the way classic snaps enable us to access the system.

Ubuntu Make as a classic snap: intro

As Ubuntu Make is now in the community’s hands and we got some excellent regular contributors, one of those even became a core committer (good work again Galileo)! To be fair, they did most of the work in the past year. However, I was still a bottleneck for one thing: doing releases and pushing the debian package in Ubuntu. I thus recently took some time to turn the popular tool Ubuntu Make into a snap to see what the experience of switching a complex project to a snap could be like.

Ubuntu Make 16.03 features Eclipse JEE, Intellij EAP, Kotlin and a bunch of fixes!

I'm really delighted to announce a new Ubuntu Make release, scoring 16.03, bringing updates for a bunch of frameworks while introducing new support! I'm also really proud as this new release features three new awesome contributors: Tankypon, adding the Superpowers game editor framework, Eakkapat Pattarathamrong, adding more tests for Visual Studio Code, and Almeida, doing some great updates to the portuguese translations! The returning awesome work from Galileo Sartor an Omer Sheikh got us new Eclipse JEE installation support, IntelliJ IDEA EAP and Kotlin compiler.

Ubuntu Make 16.02 brings Nodejs, Lighttable IDE, Spring Tools Suite and JetBrains' Datagrip

What a great Ubuntu Make release today! The best is that all of those new supports (Nodejs, Lighttable IDE, Spring Tools Suite and JeBrains' Datagrip) are all brought thanks to our awesome Ubuntu Make community! Galileo Sartor brought a lot of goodness in previous releases, but he didn't stop there! In addition to starting reviewing other branches, he brought the nodejs and Lighttable support with extensive testsuites! I'm sure a lot of developer will appreciate those new frameworks.

Ubuntu Make 16.01.2 with Swift, eclipse php and eclipse cpp support

Last week, during UbuCon Summit, I had the pleasure to announce in sunny Pasadena a new Ubuntu Make release! Marking the 16.01.2 milestone, this one provides thanks to community contributions 3 new supported frameworks. The first one is the new Apple's opensource language name Swift lang. A lot of people are becoming more and more excited about it, and now, getting it running on Ubuntu is just a umake swift away!

JetBrains CLion and Twine game editor support in Ubuntu Make 15.11.2

It's already time for a third release of Ubuntu Make this month! Thanks to the help of existing and new contributors, here are what's noticeable on this release. JetBrains' excellent C/C++ IDE named CLion is now available! A simple umake ide clion will get it you at your disposal! The non linear game editor Twine (that our community team is using as well for other QA purposes) also entered this release and is just a umake games twine away!

Netbeans and Rust support in Ubuntu Make 15.11

After some releases bringing updates, bug fixes, refactoring, tests improvements and more minor features and automations, here is time again for a noticeable feature release! Thanks to Fabio Colella, we now have NetBeans support in Ubuntu Make! Installing it is just a umake ide netbeans away and just relax while Ubuntu Make is doing the hard work so that you can enjoy this IDE. Another new feature is the Rust support by Jared Ravetch.

Ubuntu Make 15.09.2 enables you to install Android SDK only.

I'm proud to announce this new Ubuntu Make release, with excellent new feature and fixes from our community. First, welcome Sebastian Schubert to the Ubuntu Make contributor family. He did some awesome work on implementing Android SDK only support (for those not wanting to install the whole Android Studio bundle) in Ubuntu Make! As usual, this is backed up with large and medium tests to cover us, great enhancement! :)

Ubuntu Make 15.09 featuring experimental Unity 3D editor support

Last thurday, the Unity 3D team announced providing some experimental build of Unity editor to Linux. This was quite an exciting news, especially for me as a personal Unity 3D user. Perfect opportunity to implements this install support in Ubuntu Make, and this is now available for download! The "experimental" comes from the fact that it's experimental upstream as well, there is only one version out (and so, no download section when we'll always fetch latest) and no checksum support.