What to do after Fosdem? Bug jam!

FOSDEM was really a success with great talks, and people! I particularly appreciated the Debian conference on TDeb[1], upstart one by Keybuk and GNOME people framework talks.

On saturday night, we made an "Ubuntu dinner" with the Ubuntu tribe present at the event: Italian loco-team, Romanian and Belgian one, and of course, French one! :) After almost one hour of walk to find a restaurant that can accept 20 people, we were allowed to enjoy typical "Libanian Belgian" food. I am sure that Christophe[2] will post there some photos of strange pink food there. ;) It was a great occasion to meet and exchange on Loco team management methods we have.

Finally, meeting people you know and talk with by IRC[3] was fun. I had the chance to meet the friendly James Westby, the shy Jonathan Riddell, the upstart master Scott James Remnant, the kindly guy Raphael Pinson and just quickly see Loïc Minier, in addition to the unstoppable Vincent Untz, the new GNOME release manager Frederic Peters, the trolling lover (;)) Anthony Mercatante… but those guys are already known faces for me :)

Ok, Fosdem is now over and I'm back home. What's next? Ubuntu-fr will be present for the next global ubuntu bugs jam in 2 towns in France :

The announce is not officially done yet (it will be done in French in a couple of hours), but we will make people discover what bug triaging is, all this in a good atmosphere and harmony. Catch those bugs, join the tribe!

So, busy days for ubuntu-fr community are coming, be ready!


[1] Will Ubuntu take this for handling translation through tdeb packages, when it will be ready?

[2] he promessed anyway

[3] or not, but just know them ;)

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