Ubuntu Make 0.4 starts the new year adding Go support

Ubuntu Make 0.4 has just been released and brings Go support and a new game category!

To hack using Go under Ubuntu, just open a terminal and type:

umake go

and here we "go"! This will enable developers to always install the latest Google golang version and setting up some needed environment variables for you.

We also starts thinking about game developers. Putting the code where our mouth is, we are pleased to inaugurate a new "games" section, bringing stencyl, an amazing quick and easy way to make games for multiple platforms available!

umake games stencyl

and you will be able to be creative in creating the new top seller game!

Ubuntu Make 0.4 is already available in Vivid, as well, through its ppa, to 14.04 LTS and 14.10 ubuntu releases.

If you have any idea (like a favorite IDE for go!) or some other game platforms, our issue tracker is opened for any suggestion!

On other news, the new name migration is now over with the github repository being moved under the ubuntu namespace and is now available here, waiting eagerly for your contribution!

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