Jaunty release party in Paris

Last Friday, ubuntu-fr had our release party in Paris, gathering a whole bunch of Ubuntu Party organizers. There were some added Mozilla contributors and April members.

Jaunty photo 1

It was great to share with more than 30 people this dinner, composed of flammekueche. Jokes and discussions/trolls on the new release were part of the party, of course! :)

There were a birthday feist next to our group and can you guess what they got as an unexpected present? Exactly! An jaunty CD and an Ubuntu Party flyer with no extra charge. ;)

Jaunty photo 2

jaunty flyer Next round? The Ubuntu Party in Paris, dedicated to a larger audience, with conferences, installations, training sessions, multimedia demonstrations, animation, events… and lots more!

We had 3000 flyers for free[1] and distributed them during Solution Linux. Hope to see a lot of people there!

Credit for photos to XioNoX and olive (:p). juli for the flyer.


[1] So, they are free as in beer… and the design is free as in speech

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