End of 10th Libre Software Meeting in Nantes, France!

Here we go! After 5 days of presentation on differents projects related to Free Software, the whole ubuntu-fr team is exhausted and happy of the result. This event is especially a great place to meet again and again friends of FOSS ecosystem (contributors, other distribution administrators…).


We also used for the first time the ubuntu-fr.org flag we got from ubuntu Peru taken at last UDS thanks to nxvl.


This edition was particularly oriented on migration and change management to FLOSS. Like each year, conferences, round tables, and workshops were proposed to the visitors during those 5 days. Therefore experts, beginners, professionnals or just curious people were able to find the interlocutors who had provided answers to their questions among the various addressed themes. Moreover there was the associative village where anyone could have a walk. Furthermore, people were invited to discover this universe which doesn’t just focus only on the IT domain. Indeed, the 10th RMLL was the opportunity to introduce new themes: "Free Hardware", and "Free Art & Culture".

Thanks again to all ubuntu-fr people present at the event. We gave 3 talks: one on organizing a Free Software event (by olive), one on ubuntu-fr organization (Christophe Sauthier) and the last one on the release process of Ubuntu (myself), following Lucas Nussbaum's speech on collaboration between Free software projects: the example between Debian and Ubuntu. No troll included of course. ;)

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