Build your application quickly with Quickly: Inside Quickly part 3

Here we go for another topic on Quickly tour! This chapter will be really fast to read compared to last one.

Getting some help with Quickly

Quickly has an builtin help command that can help you to retreive help from whenever command.

Inside a project

You can search directly help for builtin command and the ones from the associated template of your project.

template commands

In a ubuntu-project "templated" project, simply do:

$ quickly help release

to get some help from the release command of ubuntu-project template.

builtin command

$ quickly help commands

give some help on the builtin commands command.

commands from another template

As for launching commands, you can get help from other template command by:

$ quickly --template footemplate help awesome

This will print the help associated to the awesome command of the footemplate template. Nice, isn't?

Outside a project

There, you can get help from builtin command and still from template command

builtin command

As previously:

$ quickly help getstarted

template commands

From the last part, you should be able to guess what's the attribute of the help command... You got it! It's a command followed by template (but also, as I said too, a command followed by command, cf previous example)

Taking, again the example of ubuntu-project and getting some help from the release command:

$ quickly help ubuntu-project release

If you followed all the previous concepts successfully, how can I do that differently?

$ quickly -t ubuntu-project help release

got it!

$ quickly help -t ubuntu-project  release


$ quickly help release -t ubuntu-project

works as well!

Note that in the last case, you don't have shell-completion for the "release" field (as the template is defined after the help command)

As usual, completion is there to help you in all those cases.

All is done by the core itself, if you develop a template, you will get all those automation from Quickly Core for nothing! Great, isn't?

Next chapter will be on the shell-completion itself! It will help you to understand that the expression "all is guided through bash-completion" is not a wild dream.


  1. no, quickly help help as “googling google” doesn’t make the world dying from entropy creation cycle.
  2. yes, quickly quickly exist. What does it do? $ quickly help quickly to know it, of course :)

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