A good experience from bug jam in Paris

Logo Bug Jam avec titre The bug jam in Paris has taken place on a cloudy Sunday, where ubuntu-fr organizes twice a year, the French parisian Ubuntu parties. More than 20 people have been able to learn what LP is and how to deal with bugs. Most of them had never triaged bugs before, so, that's a good point such a wide public can learn an easy way to contribute to Ubuntu and in FLOSS in general.

During the morning, there was approximately one hour of lesson to learn what the ubuntu release is, seing relationship between Debian and Ubuntu (and emphasize why we should report bugs[1] to Debian and upstream), register Launchpad accounts and presents its main bug-related features (no time to see others ;)), new 5 a day processbug jam 22/02/09 img1

After a quick lunch, time to practice and catch some bugs, mainly focusing on adressing right package to bugs with no package, reporting bugs to upstream and link them to the bugtracker, using the Jorge's upstreamreport pagebug jam 22/02/09 img2

Thanks to everyone who attented there, the atmosphere was very good and I hope everyone get some joy in it, even if some only touched one bug in the afternoon :)

Now that more than 1500 were triaged by a whole bunch of teams during the event, ahem… it's time to fix them :)

PS: mr_pouit, you can’t say you weren’t there now :) Photo credits to davromaniak, thanks again!


[1] and patches, but that was not the point during this event

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