Hi planet GNOME!

First, I want to thank Alberto for adding me to planet GNOME, and hi!

If we wanted to make a prank for this, we wouldn’t have done better. However, as we didn’t prepare anything, it seems that the planet GNOME importer machinery had other plans for us! :)

Indeed, the two previous posts that were imported are respectively from 2011 and 2012 (and their respective publisher date in the RSS ought to match), the first one being an April fool coordinated with part of the GNOME release at the time, and the second one the GNOME Control Center changes done for the unity launcher at the time.

The most recent GNOME related blog posts are not imported (yet) though. They corresponds to our transition from Unity to GNOME Shell in Ubuntu and may be of interest to part of the community. Ironnically my next blog post will be about the GNOME Control Center 2.26 vs our Ubuntu Dock options.

See you here soon!

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