Ubuntu Make as a classic snap: other distro versions and continuous delivery

This is a suite of blog posts explaining how we snapped Ubuntu Make which is a complex software study case with deep interactions with the system. For more background on this, please refer to our first blog post. For how we got here, have a look at the last blog post. Testing on 14.04 LTS Ok, we now have a working classic snap on 16.04 LTS. However, we saw that a word of caution needs to be taken care of due to the way classic snaps enable us to access the system.

Ubuntu Make as a classic snap: intro

As Ubuntu Make is now in the community’s hands and we got some excellent regular contributors, one of those even became a core committer (good work again Galileo)! To be fair, they did most of the work in the past year. However, I was still a bottleneck for one thing: doing releases and pushing the debian package in Ubuntu. I thus recently took some time to turn the popular tool Ubuntu Make into a snap to see what the experience of switching a complex project to a snap could be like.