Ubuntu GNOME Shell in Artful: Day 1

And here we go! I’m going to report here day by day the progress we are making in Ubuntu Artful after taking our decisions regarding our default session experience as discussed in my last blog post. Day 1: differentiating ubuntu and GNOME vanilla session Let’s start with the ground work and differentiate our two “ubuntu” and “gnome” sessions. Until today, they were pixel by pixel identical. Now are migrating some GNOME Session changes as well as some GNOME Shell ones in Artful.

Design experience and demos in GTK and Clutter

Well, coming back from vacation, I had a couple of hours to "kill" in the train. I saw a few days ago the awesome work of Davyd Madeley on animating GTK+ and Clutter-Gtk from client-side-windows based on the first step from Alexander's Larson. Reading the comments some people say "this is sooooo cool, but totally unuseful". That's the reason why I tried to figure out some pratical examples where some animations can teach about the component/widget the user is currently interacting with.